TanzScout Berlin

DanceScout can design your evening by preparing a personalised visit to a dance or performance event!

Berlin hosts a unique, diverse and vital dance and performance scene. You don’t know it yet? Then we will introduce it to you! Have you recently arrived to Berlin as a tourist, guest or visitor? Are you here alone or staying in Berlin with your partner, friends, students or colleagues? Would you love to see an exciting contemporary performance in Berlin, to personally discover what Berlin has to offer culturally, away from big state theaters and sold out festivals? Do you want to explore one of the many innovative alternative venues to experience Berlin’s vibrant dance and performance scene?

Yes? Then step closer and discover the brand new service: the Berlin DanceScout

What DanceScout offers

DanceScout can:
• compile a selection of dance (and other performance) events according to your taste and preferences;
• organize your evening and accompany you and your group to the performance;
• plan visits for you to rehearsals and talks to choreographers and dancers after the performance (if possible);
• offer pre-show introductions about the evening’s performance before it starts;
• take you out to a surprise event!

We are looking forward to having you as our guest.

TanzScout Mission Statement

Initiated by Berlin-based dramaturge and researcher Maren Witte, TanzScout is an independent service that provides Berliners as well as Berlin visitors a way to navigate the city’s alternative dance and performance art scene, a scene that is often not easy to find if you don’t know where to look. To this end, TanzScout offers workshops, lectures and guided tours to contemporary dance performances and rehearsals, in order to provide orientation, context information and even the chance to explore physically how a dance or performance piece is made.  The vision of TanzScout is to further expose Berlin’s international and vital dance scene, representing all cooperating theaters and organizations in Berlin which showcase and produce dance and performance art. 

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