TanzScout Berlin

Maren Witte

Doctorate in dance and literature. Lives and works as a dance scholar in Berlin, specializing in introducing contemporary dance art to a new audience and offering new approaches, views and perspectives. Internationally active in the fields of adult and cultural education. Collaborations with the Goethe Institute Berlin as well as San Francisco and Hanoi. Works in collaboration with international festivals such as "Tanz im August", "Foreign Affairs" and "Tanztage". www.tanzdramaturgie.de

Carolin Schmidt
Carolin Schmidt is a dancer, choreographer and teacher of dance and dancehistory. She received her training as a movement teacher at Dore Jacobs vocational college in Essen, then she studied contemporary dance in Freiburg (bewegungsart), Amsterdam (SNDO) as well as in numerous workshops, including Erna Omarsdottir, Meg Stuart, Jonathan Burrows and Julyen Hamilton.
She worked as a dancer, especially with HidetoHeshiki and the „Choreografenkollektiv K2“ in Freiburg. She choreographed and directed several own dance recitals and solo pieces, and showed them, interalia, in the Stadttheater Hildesheim, at HAU Berlin and the e-werk Freiburg. For theater „Pan-Opticum“ she worked as a choreographic assistant and dancer in the operas "CivilWars" by Philip Glass and "Carmina Burana" at the Stadttheater Basel.

Amelie Mallmann
studied dramaturgy in Munich. From 2002 until 2005 she was a dramaturge at the Landestheater Linz, in 2005 she moved to Berlin to work as a dramaturge and theatre pedagogue at the THEATER AN DER PARKAUE. Since 2011 she is a freelance dramaturge, theatre pedagogue and teacher, she works for example at the Deutsches Theater Berlin, at the Kunstfest Weimar and at the University in Braunschweig. Since 2006 she is a board member of the dramaturgic society.

Angela Deutsch
Angela Deutsch did a PhD in Art hHstory at Humboldt University of Berlin and an M.A. in Psychology at University of Vienna. In 2014, after years of art historian and interdisciplinary research, of curating and organising
exhibitions in Vienna, Budapest and Berlin, she decided to follow her
ongoing passion for the dancefield. Thus, she chose mediation of
contemporary dance art as her new professional focus, developing at
present among other ideas the format TanzScout Senior.